Picture of from the town to the island

from the town to the island


Picture of two trees

two trees

silver engraved  

Picture of Εντομο σε κλαδί

Εντομο σε κλαδί

ορειχάλκινο έντομο πάνω σε ασημένιο κλαδί.  

Picture of heron


silver,hamered heron inspired from a brooch in Ag. Andreas Museum in Sifnos.  

Picture of heart 1

heart 1

silver engraved  

Picture of heart 2

heart 2

silver engraved  

Picture of hamered heart

hamered heart

silver hamered ,mineral krystal,red thread.  

Picture of hamered heart 2

hamered heart 2

silver hamered ,mineral krystal  

Picture of Branch


gold plated broach inspired from a corall branch.  

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